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[1:18:22 AM] Bryce says: hmm you know what'd be funny
[1:18:32 AM] Hintswen says: a joke
[1:18:36 AM] Bryce says: If there was a script to make habbos like
[1:18:39 AM] Bryce says: freeze
[1:18:41 AM] Bryce says: and not move
[1:18:42 AM] Bryce says: lol
[1:18:46 AM] Hintswen says: there is
[1:18:49 AM] Hintswen says: wanna see?
[1:18:57 AM] Bryce says: where?
[1:19:01 AM] Hintswen says: print screen

NB: habbos = characters on a website